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Shots, Shots, Shots!

We're Essential Bomb

Red Bull, Rumhaven Coconut Rum, Blue Curacao

Just Got a Promotion

Jameson, peach schnapps & Red Bull


I Hate My Job

Goldschlager, Jager & rumple minze


Hall Pass

Bacardi dragon berry, watermelon pucker, pineapple & cranberry juice


Don’t Want to Go Home

Three olives loopy & red bull


Miserably Married

1800, Watermelon pucker & red bull


Chocolate cake shot

Ketel one Citroen, Frangelico & sugared lemon


White Tic Tac

Rumple minze & Florida cane vanilla

Mini beer

Liquor 43 & creamer



Goldschlager, apple pucker & pineapple juice


Grape Gatorade

Three olives grape, blue curacao & sour

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